This is a episode list for Sweet Treats listed by date of premiere. Every episode begins with "Sweet" which represents the Sweet Treats Games, as in Sweet Treats.

Season 1: 2012 Edit

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01 01 "Sweet Hunting" May 3rd, 2012 101
15-year-old Bella Duffield goes hunting in the woods with her best friend, Eddie Howard. They love watching the live TV show, the Sweet Treats Games where people have to go threw obstacles, and kill people. When they sign-up for it, they get into it, but Bella is terrified. What will happen to Bella and Eddie?

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02 02 "Sweet Gasp" May 5th, 2012 102
Bella gets scared when she is about to go live on the Sweet Treats Games, but she finds that Eddie has gone missing. When mean Rachel Berg stabs Eddie in the back, Bella takes on revenge and stands up for Eddie.

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03 03 "Sweet Terror Jungle" June 1st, 2012 103
While going threw the Forest of the Devils, Bella and Eddie see the legendary Benklara firebird. They find information and meet friendly Nathan Clarke and Brad Carter. But when they go threw the forest, a mysterious spirit warns them.
04 04 "Sweet Technology" June 3rd, 2012 104
Eddie finds his long lost friend, Danielle Ramsey in an abandoned warehouse. Bella meets Danielle and become friends. But when Eddie starts to date Danielle, Bella becomes extremely jealous and tries to ruin their relationship. Meanwhile, Brad and Nathan try to make a technology device.
05 05 "Sweet Wars" TBA 105
Bella and Eddie are terrified when a murder is running after them in the forest, so Bella becomes brave and kills the murder herself. This cause lot's of trouble in the forest, and a big war happens. Bella gets extremely brave and kills them all, which ends the war. But when the president of the Sweet Treats Games comes, Bella is in huge trouble.
06 06 "Sweet Memorial" TBA 106
When Bella finds out that her father has died, she is extremely upset. Eddie helps her and her mom arrange the funeral. Eddie cheers up by setting up a surprise date for both of them, when their relationship begins. They kiss, but Brad becomes really jealous. What will he do?
07 07 "Sweet Tunnels" TBA 107
Bella, Eddie and Nathan find tunnels beneath the Forest of the Devils, and they discover them. But there are so many passageways that they can't get threw them all. To win the Sweet Treats Games, you need to find the Jewel of Fire where it is hidden somewhere. When they get down there, they wonder if it's there, but only two people can win the Sweet Treats Games. Will Bella and Eddie kill Nathan?
08 08 "Sweet Betrayal" TBA 108
Brad sets a trap up for Eddie to kill him so it can end Bella and Eddie's relationship. When he betrays Eddie, he is furious. Eddie tries to kill Brad, but when Bella comes, she wonders what they're doing. Will Bella realise that Brad loves her?
09 09 "Sweet Love" TBA 109
When Eddie makes up to Bella, he makes a date for both of them. He tells her that he'll always love her no matter what, but when Brad comes and switches Bella's mind, Bella falls in love with Brad. Eddie kills Brad and brings back Bella's memory. But does Bella remember that Eddie killed Brad?
10 10 "Sweet Missions" TBA 110
Bella and Eddie find their long lost friend, Francesca Lewis on a boat in a river. A murder was chasing her, so she escaped from him. As they rescued her, they saw the murder. It was Bella's ex-boyfriend, Dan Sasso, who was the murder. What will they do?
11 11 "Sweet Bombs" TBA 111
When a serial killer chases Danielle, she uses a bomb to kill him. Afterwards, a big gang of kidnappers come and kidnap her, and screams. When Bella and Eddie come to the rescue, the kidnappers try and kill them. Bella kills them all, but that is illegal to kill kidnappers in the Sweet Treats Games. Will Bella lose the Sweet Treats Games?
12 12 "Sweet Revenge" TBA 112
When Bella finds out that Eddie killed Brad, she wants to take revenge on him, but she can't since they are together. She arranges the funeral along with his mother, father, Nathan and his little sister. After the funeral, Bella wants to break up with Eddie, but instead, she leaves him on his own and goes to continue the Sweet Treats Games on her own without him.
13 13 "Sweet Spying" TBA 113
When Eddie finds Bella on her own, she forgives him. Eddie tries to find the Jewel of Fire while Bella tries to find Francesca, because she has been missing for 3 days. When Bella finds her down in the tunnels, and big fire comes and destroys the Sweet Treats Games. What will happen?
14 14 "Sweet Talents" TBA 114
When the Sweet Treats Games host a Talent Show, Bella and Eddie enter it. Bella sees her childhood friend, Nikita Miller for the first time in 4 years. They were best friends, but when Nikita moved, Bella never saw her again, but now, they're back together as friends again. When Nikita shows Bella some talents, she is impressed. Nikita was very close friends with Brad, and hates Eddie for killing him. Will Nikita take on revenge on Eddie for what he did?
15 15 "Sweet Crushes" TBA 115
When Bella and Eddie find lost Lenny Starie in the Forest of the Devils, they decide to help him and take care of him. Lenny becomes their best friend, but what happens when Eddie accidently pushes Lenny into a hole?
16 16 "Sweet Dead-Ends" TBA 116
Bella, Eddie and Nikita find out that Lenny is a part of the famous hunting group, The Three Hunters along with Nathan. They meet the leader of the group, Eugene Kress who is mysterious and friendly at the same time. When they get trapped underground, who comes and rescues them?
17 17 "Sweet Myths" TBA 117
When Bella, Eddie, Nikita, Lenny, Nathan and Eugene go to Loch Ness, Scotland, a big army of hunters come and try to kill them. When they see a mysterious dinosaur in Loch Ness, they wonder if it's the Loch Ness Monster. When evil Dan Sasso tries to kill them, the dinosaur kills him. Is that the Loch Ness Monster?
18 18 "Sweet Blood" TBA 118
When murder Dan Sasso comes to threaten Bella and the gang, Eddie's little brother, Leo comes and rescues them and warns Dan. But what happens when Dan kidnaps Leo and Nikita?
19 19 "Sweet Chasing" TBA 119
Bella and Eddie finds out that Rachel Berg and Peter Blackwell are Dan Sasso's evil assistants, and they warn their friends about it. When Rachel and Peter come to have a battle with them, who dies?
20 20 "Sweet Missy" TBA 120
When Bella and Eddie have to complete an obstacle where you have to ice skate and collect stars, Bella gets trapped inside an tunnel. When Eddie tries to get help, evil Dan Sasso comes and pushes him in too. This time, he is determined to kill them. What will happen to them?
21 21 "Sweet Spectacular Fire" TBA 121
In the semi-finales of the Sweet Treats Games, Bella and Eddie must find the Jewel of Fire. If they don't, they die. But what happens to them when they get caught in a burning fire in the forest? Will they find the Jewel of Fire or die?
22 22 "Sweet Ever" TBA 122
In the finales of the Sweet Treats Games, Bella and Eddie survive the burning fire. When they go into the tunnels underground, there is a massive cliff, and it's a long fall. When Bella and Eddie slip and fall off the cliff, they land in an mysterious place. They meet the legendary Benklara bird and find the Jewel of Fire. But what happens when Dan Sasso steals the jewel? Will they win the Sweet Treats Games?

Note: This is the season finale of Season 1.

Season 2: 2012Edit

Series # Season # Title Original air date Prod. Code
23 01 "Sweet Welcome Back" TBA 123
When Bella returns from her trip to Italy, she is still sad that she thinks Eddie died. Bella and Lenny won the Sweet Treats Games, but what happens when Eddie is found alive in his coffin? Does it count that all three of them won the games?
24 02 "Sweet And Then There Were Fewer" TBA 124
When Eddie gets kidnapped by Dan Sasso, Bella gets Nikita and Nathan to help her save him. When they go into the Forest of the Devils, they see Eddie's little brother Leo there. But what happens when they all get kidnapped by Dan?
25 03 "Sweet Music Flutes" TBA 125
When Bella, Eddie, Nikita, Nathan and Leo escape from Dan's warehouse, they gets attracted to this music coming from a flute. It's the Flute of Fire, and it attracts people to make them servants for someone. When they become a servant for evil Rachel, what happens when Bella falls off a cliff?
26 03 "Sweet Pendulums" TBA 126
Bella gets stuck in a dangerous pendulum trap set up by Dan, Eddie gets Nikita and Leo to help him save her. What happens when they are all stuck in the pendulum?